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Student Art Show Is A Winner

March 5th, 2010 — The School of Architecture First Annual Student Art Show “The Artist Behind the Architect,” opened to rave reviews Thursday, March 4th with over 100 pieces on view. On Friday the 5th, the judging began with Professors Rocco Ceo, Tom Spain, Ari Millas, Adib Cure and Carie Penabad. After much deliberation and second and third looks at certain pieces, the judges came up with the following winners in the five major categories.

Drawing: Winner, “Colors,” Carlos Guzman. Honorable Mention, “Untitled,” by Jenna Chandler; “Self Portrait,” by Paul Forrest; “Section of the Pantheon,” by Chad Jones.

Painting: Winner, “Untitled,” by Anna Baez. Honorable Mention, “Blackbeard’s Window, St. Thomas,” by Victoria Lynn Kennedy; “Fly a Kite,” by Monica Socorro; “Untitled,” by Ashley Walton.

Sculpture: Winner, “Coffee Table,” by Michael Galea. Honorable Mention, “Self Portrait,” by Ben Schulte; “Mahogany Candelabra,” by Monica Socorro; “Untitled,” by Violet Battat.

Mixed Media: Winner, “Haiti,” by Kevin Kirkwood. Honorable Mention, “Nowhere,” by Carlo Guzman; “Self Portrait” by Lauren Mitchell; “De-Evolution,” by Violet Battat.

Photography: Winner, “Untitled,” Fabiana Assenza. Honorable Mention, “Hershey’s,” by Brian Law; “Under A Bridge,” by Carlo Guzman; and “All Cooped Up,” by Catherine O’Sullivan.

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Untitled, by University of Miami School of Architecture student Anna Baez

Coffee Table, by University of Miami School of Architecture student Mike Galea

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